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The artisanal process involved in making authentic tequila


Agave fields


The process begins with planting Agave tequiliana Weber (blue agave) in the red soil of Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco.



After approximately seven years, the agave finally reaches the precise point in its maturity to yield the best flavor. This is when our jimadores (tequila harvesters) cut away the leaves of the agave with a sharp tool called a coa in order to reveal the piña, the heart of the agave.

At Siete Leguas we harvest the agave hearts (or "piñas") and also save a small part of the green leaf stock – an important ingredient in our process for producing the characteristic body of our tequila.

This highly skilled labor, arduous and intense, protects what nature took so long to bring to fruition.



The piñas are selected carefully and their sugar concentration levels measured in order to ensure that the agave juice is of the highest concentration and quality.



The piñas are split in half to ensure uniform cooking and the residual stalk is removed after which the agave hearts are placed in small stone ovens where they are steamed slowly.



Milling occurs in two different processes to extract the precious juice of the cooked agave.

In one step we use the tahona, a large stone wheel that rotates slowly, crushing the agave.

In the second step we extract the juice using a mechanical mill.



Fermentation is a key process in creating our spirit.

At Siete Leguas we do this naturally – in open air tanks and without added yeasts – both with and without cooked agave fibers. These mindful processes deliver a wide range of flavors and aromas to our tequilas.



We use small copper stills that infuse an exquisite flavor into our tequila, precisely and carefully calibrating the alcohols that need to be removed, finally being left with only the best after two distillations. This is where the great spirit of Siete Leguas is released.



The aging takes place in American white oak barrels that have been used previously to make Bourbon.

8 months

24 months

Extra añejo
5 years (De Antaño)
8 - 12 years (Single barrel)