Made of Agave Criollo


Agave Criollo: Agave grown in the wild.

On the hillsides, where the slopes are steep, the agaves criollos grow wild "in nature’s hands". Here, the plant depends on rainwater and ripens more slowly, producing a smaller but richer piña.

After an extended period - up to 10 years - it is the turn of the jimadores of Casa Siete Leguas, who will face the challenges of mother nature - just as the agaves did - by performing the jima in a heroic way among the steep slopes.

Our people’s hands transform the fruit of the agave -the piña- into this unique tequila with which we celebrate the first seventy years of our house.

Thank you for being part of this Celebration.

Bottle Tequila Siete Leguas

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Seven Decades Making Tequila

True to our crafted nature

Since 1952

First of all,

The Piñas of Agave Criollo

Are cooked in small stone ovens for 3 days.

Time is a key factor, since slow cooking will help the agave soften little by little, thus allowing the juice and its precious “mieles” to be obtained.


The Molienda

For this special edition, we used 100% tahona mill, a method used at Casa Siete Leguas since 1952 and to date. The tahona is a stone mill with which the cooked agave is crushed to extract its juice, which at the same time is macerated with the agave fiber.

The Mosto

is Fermented

in a completely natural way, letting the juice and the fiber of the cooked agave rest in open-air tanks which are exposed to the wild yeasts of Casa Siete Leguas. The environment surrounded by citrus and fruit trees is a fundamental part of the flavor and aroma of Siete Leguas.

And finally

it is Distilled

in small copper pots with agave fibers. At Casa Siete Leguas we carry out the distillation in two steps: the first one to obtain our “ordinario” and the second one, in which our final tequila 100% de agave azul is obtained.

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Tequila Siete Leguas Siete Décadas Blanco

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